Vendor Dashboard

Navigating Your Store Dashboard.

At first look your store dashboard may look pretty simple or pretty daunting, this will depend on how much experience you have with selling online. Some users will just dive right in and have no problems at all but some will find it difficult as the dashboard offers so many options for your free online store.

You can add all kinds of products to sell in your free store, such as physical products like clothes or stationery or digital products like music or digital art, or a service product like bookable nights at your B&B or a treatment at your beauty salon, the list is endless. You can also add product add-ons like a gift wrap service or a special card included in your product or you can offer your customers discount coupons right from within your vendor dashboard in just a few clicks.

UCME Bookings for vendors
Product Add-ons for vendors

How to become a Vendor

So where do you go from here, maybe you don’t have a store just yet. Ok so lets assume you don’t. Your first step to opening your free store is easy. Just click my account link, it can be found at the top of every page, scroll down and you will find a Become a Vendor link, click that link and fill in the form and send it to us. we will then review your account and activate your vendor dashboard. Please note in order to approve your new online store, we will contact you with questions about your store and reviewing your account can take up to 48 hours but in most cases it will be much less.

While you wait

While you wait for approval it would be wise to check out our helpful tutorials and faq’s areas of our site. We have tutorials on how to use your vendor dashboard here and we have frequently asked questions here.

Be sure to check both these areas on our site regularly as we are adding information all the time. You may also send us your questions from your my account dashboard if you cannot resolve any issues.

You may also go to our community frequently asked questions here if you are not interested in opening a free online store.

Why Three Account Areas

You may have noticed that you have three account areas on your UCME profile, don’t worry that is not an error on our part. There are three distinct account areas for a reason. Let’s just take a quick look at them;

1. Community Profile Account

Your community profile account area is for your social community profile and is available to all members of our community, this is where you can change your about, privacy settings, passwords etc.

2. My Account area

This area is for your shopping experience and is available to all members of our community, this is where you can check your recent orders and downloads, add billing and shipping addresses, edit your password etc.

3. Vendor Dashboard

This area is reserved for members of the community who have their own free online store. It is where each vendor (seller) can add, edit or delete products in their store, fulfill orders, deal with returns, talk to their customers and much more.

We hope this article has been helpful and gives an overall insight into the power of UCME’s potential for community members and sellers alike and welcome you to Your Trusted Social Community!

If you would like to know how we plan to help communities like yours click here

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